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Women’s Empower and Explore Circle

What is a Circle? A circle is a gathering in the form of actually sitting in a circle and following general guidelines that facilitate authentic conversation. The circle form is nonhierarchical—everyone's input holds equal importance. It fosters listening to and learning from every participant.

Theme for 2019: Metaphysical Anatomy: Your Body Is Talking, Are You Listening?
This is the title of a book that describes common emotional, psychological, environmental, ancestral, and relational patterns that are found to be associated with problems and diseases within our physical body.

There will be one meeting a month, and you can attend one, a few, or all as long as you reserve one of the ten spots that will be opened up prior to each meeting.

To get specific information about dates and topics: please e-mail me at and let me know you'd like to be part of the Women's Circle email group.

Time: The Circle group usually meet on a Thursday from 5:30pm - 7:30pm.
Location: Dakota Natural Health Center, 705 E. Main Street, Bismarck. Use the east entrance of the Dakota Pharmacy Building.

The monthly Circle is for: Women 18 or older, who are interested in holistic health and transformation.

Registration is required. There is limited space, plus I’d like for everyone to have ample time to speak and be heard, so the group will be limited to 10 people each time. You can sign up for the upcoming session by e-mailing me. The spots will be reserved on a first-come basis. If you have registered and later find that you cannot make it, please let me know so I can open the spot up for someone else. If you want to invite someone not on my e-mail list, please do.

Free will donation. Suggested amount: $5-25 per time. Feel free to give me feedback, suggestions, or comments.

Contact me for more information.